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Do you know why it is so important to develop your child's creativity? Well.... it will give your child the ultimate edge in coping with his/her world, the necessary life skills to solve problems and find solutions, have more and better ideas than the people around him/her, and will always be in a better position to find opportunities where others see problems. Fun Kids Crafts will also help them with their sensory stimulation, movement patterns, fine motor skills development, hand-eye coordination, increase motivation and finally outlet for anger and frustrations... .....listen to their heart silently, observe what they really want to achieve for their future! Lead them to most beautiful ground for them to grow healthy and produced good fruits and seeds in the future!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Visiting Sarawak

It was a wonderful experience visiting Sarawak.  Been there in Kuching for 4 days and when I got home, I felt so tired and not as tired as visitng Sabah.  You know why?  Well its because of this big bicycle called Surrey Bike that I went cycling with my family around Kuching


Oh yes, I have something from Kuching, Sarawak...but not really much, because we have been there for a short while further more Kuching is not much difference from Sabah as both are land of Borneo.
Anway here's what I've collected...

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