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Do you know why it is so important to develop your child's creativity? Well.... it will give your child the ultimate edge in coping with his/her world, the necessary life skills to solve problems and find solutions, have more and better ideas than the people around him/her, and will always be in a better position to find opportunities where others see problems. Fun Kids Crafts will also help them with their sensory stimulation, movement patterns, fine motor skills development, hand-eye coordination, increase motivation and finally outlet for anger and frustrations... .....listen to their heart silently, observe what they really want to achieve for their future! Lead them to most beautiful ground for them to grow healthy and produced good fruits and seeds in the future!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 Activities

I have been away for too long...its because I was too busy with other things else that was inevitable...
You know, I have been doing a bit of sewing beads and buttons but did not have the opportunity to snap pictures to post them here to share with you...sorry about that. Well..finally I managed to come back to continue with what I have left before...

Don't throw away your used bottles (shampoo, bath foam , mineral water bottle) you can recycled it by making a beautiful craft out of it.
Making crafts does not have to be so accurate and perfect as long as you enjoy doing it.  What's important is how you've used up your time with something positive.

What matters is that what come out of what you did...it's your master piece and only you are capable of doing it.  I'm sure you will be happy seeing what you have created!  So...Ejoy! 

Here is a plastic shampoo bottle that I've cut on top of it, clean and let it dry.

I pasted some of the white and brown pattern cloth on the bottle, then I pasted some of the stickers (caps, bicycles, balls, planes, colored flowers) its doesn't matter what kind of stickers you like.  And then I drew some clouds with the permanent color pens to add some stuff to make it looked lively on the bottle.

Below there are two more bottles that I have done it previously, the tall one is the big mineral water bottle that I have cut into two, and make it looked shorter. This bottle is divided into two, the top one can be lifted and closed
 Decorated with some brown poker dot ribbons, and some brown pines glued around the bottle neck and the bottom part of the bottle.
 see the right bottle, you can also close it slightly bent too!
 or you just let it open!
Below are used plastic bottles that I have cut and make it into a basket, painted flowers and leaves on the body and also on the basket handle

Below is a plastic shampoo bottle that I have painted the base with white color .  When its dry I painted some flowers and some wild leaves on it.

Here are some of my decoupage plus painting on boxes.  It's a two in one art work...!

 Decoupage  and Painting 

 Painting and stickers

 Ok...This is my glass painting on mugs.  I have done some of the glass painting on glasses and plates for my art and craft classes previously...you can scroll on the right side of this page if you like.