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Do you know why it is so important to develop your child's creativity? Well.... it will give your child the ultimate edge in coping with his/her world, the necessary life skills to solve problems and find solutions, have more and better ideas than the people around him/her, and will always be in a better position to find opportunities where others see problems. Fun Kids Crafts will also help them with their sensory stimulation, movement patterns, fine motor skills development, hand-eye coordination, increase motivation and finally outlet for anger and frustrations... .....listen to their heart silently, observe what they really want to achieve for their future! Lead them to most beautiful ground for them to grow healthy and produced good fruits and seeds in the future!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Visiting Sandakan Sabah

I'm back after visiting Sandakan, Sabah for few days.  I will post here some of the things I've got from Sandakan to share with you.....

Wood Bracelets

Bracelet made of woods (carve and shape them in many different shapes then color them with different colors to designs them with beautiful combination of colors)

 Fridge Magnet
 The most biggest flowers you have ever seen! Only in Sabah, Malaysia.
Representing  Wildlife and Natures of Sabah

 Symbolize the wildlife and nature of Sabah, The Hornbill symbolizes the pride and the unique of Sabah, Malaysia

 Pearl Bracelets

 Pearl is famous in Sabah, Malaysia. These pearls are in formation with a variety of designs for jewelry made especially for women, especially bracelets, necklaces, rings, brooches and many more. These pearls are obtained from freshwater and also saltwater. During my visit to Sabah, I have seen a small pearl worth RM300.00.  Surely I can't afford a pearl with that kind of price..heheh!

Pearl Brooches

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